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Rakhi Roy, MS, RD

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Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Coach


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Rakhi is an Actress-turned Dietitian and holds a Master's in Dietetic's & Nutrition and a BA in Anthropology & Theatre.


After seeking the counsel of a dietitian who helped her manage her autoimmune disorder symptoms related to food allergies, eczema, and digestive issues, Rakhi realized dietetics was her calling. 

She currently sees clients via phone and video conference as a licensed Dietitian in Florida and internationally as a nutrition coach.


Past work and achievements:

  • Clinical adult and pediatric ICU at Miami Children's Hospital and Larkin Community Hospital

  • Meals on Wheels 

  • Food service management in Miami wellness and restaurant industry

  • Eating disorders, weight management, sports nutrition, digestive disorders in New York private practice

  • Academy Foundation Diversity scholar

  • Path Merit Scholar of the Robert Stempel College of Public Health & Social Work

  • Research Post-Graduate under the FIU obesity prevention USDA grant

  • Food Network & Cooking Channel's annual South Beach Wine & Food Festival celebrity chef assistant




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